Monday, February 18, 2008

FGS Dong Zhen on Chor 1 evening

*Chor 1 evening*

I have heard about this FGS Dong Zhen from alot of people especially those avid photographer. Every year during Chinese New Year, this place will be decorated with lanterns and flowers and it has become a must visit place during CNY. I must say, it really perk ups any KL people's day coz CNY in KL is pretty much the same (which is getting quiet'er' every year).

So, since Chor 1 I got nothing to do, I bring my parents & my lil bro to visit this place. We met up with Jazzmint and hopped into her MPV to go to FGS. Lucky by the time we reached there, there's still sunlight to capture the beautiful scenary (lots of flowers which can't be seen if it's night time) and also to walk to the stalls set up along side the garden.

There's this stall that sells dolls made from coloured dough. It's really rare to find this type of stall coz it's sort of like a forgotten art. You can pay RM2 to have a spin on the wheel to see how lucky you are. If very lucky, can walk away with a big dough doll that cost RM 6 or RM8. If not, dun be despair coz you still get a small fish caught with the rod.

Give a spin and see what you can get from the dough toys stall...

RM 6 dough toys that's so cute...

Below shows some day time spots that I love at FGS. You can see there's a Wishing Tree (just like those TVB series) at the entrance to this place....

(credits & details here)

Beautiful walkways decorate with red lanterns

Once the sun has set, the place is transformed into a land that's brightly lit by red lanterns everywhere. It's really a must to see those spectacular lighted up decorations.

Brightly lit red lanterns hanging at the arch entrance

(credits & details here)

To see more photos, you can visit Jazzmint's site. I am still trying to find my way to skim down the photos to be uploaded to my webshot (^-^)


jazzmint said...

wah ur nite time LO very nice...

yah after so many years finally get to go there hehe

mom2ashley said...

love the pictures you took!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

yeah... nice pic and nice LO too.

exter said...

very nice pic...
last two year we been there,
it was really beautiful & crowded
it take a round one hour plus to reach there thro kesas highway
but onthe way back at night time really jam

Mrs. Miles said...

Whoa Cheryl, I love the lanterns and the dough critters - entirely TOO CUTE! thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and customs with us!

~ Barb

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Cheryl!

I sent an email to Camy to ask her about the book for you! :)

have a wonderful day!

~ Barb