Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chinese New Year *Chor 3*

*chor 3 @ our place*

CNY to me always means visiting relatives & Chor 3 is no difference. We open our house (the new one @ Kajang) for our relatives to visit us and to make our house a bit merrier (^-^) during CNY. This also means that we need to prepare some food and my mum had not really prepared the menu *Aik!! Lucky my place is near Jusco Cheras Selatan & we went there on the nite before to stock up for the simple lunch.*

I woke up super early on Chor 3 to see & make sure my mum cook wat we bought last nite & also just to supervised a bit on the vege since it's a new dish to her but ended up preparing for the vege coz my mum dunno wat I want. I dun cook coz my taste bud is a bit blend, so, if I cook, it either end up bland or too salty *LOL*. My big contribution to the lunch was to use the broiler to oven cooked the Vegetarian Pandan Chicken. Here's what we managed to prepare :

(credits & details here)

We have pandan chicken, stir fry mix vege (lotus root, celery, carrot & sweet peas) & steam chicken which is my dad's best dish. Not to forget a big pot of Abalone Ginseng Chicken soup that will satisfy everyone stomach.

After the lunch, we have some light entertainment (you know wat I mean lar, those we usually play during CNY *wink*) for the relatives and the session lasted till almost 5pm. As for me, I got bored by 2pm and started to fall asleep *pai seh*... and I did slept for awhile .... yawn....

That ends the event for 3rd day of CNY...

PS: Just incase all of you were wondering why suddenly there's alot of Chinese Word in my scrap --> I found out that my windows can choose the language, so I use the Chinese PRC to type the Han Yu Pin Yin and click on the word that I want. No, I dunno Chinese but I can recognise some vy basic word & used it to the max :p


exter said...


yeah, my mama said u look tired & really fall asleep at the living room,
mayb u wake up too early in the morning..hahha

next time i gonna visit ur new house cos havent been to there

gerald said...

home cook food... soon i shall have my fill. hahahaha...

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

now your post has just make your hubby missing your cooking and you of course :P