Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have you read this??

I got to know that the news of the death father converted to Islam which I read few days ago is related to Hsiau Chuen, a blogger friend of Jazz & am writting this as an appeal for her. For those who are not very clear, here's the summary of what has happened to her in laws family:

Her FIL passed away due to old age (bedridden due to stroke & was vy ill) on 20.1.08. As they prepare his funeral & informed all the relatives, they also informed the eldest BIL that has converted to Islam. And to their shock, the eldest BIL told them that their father has converted to Islam since 3.7.07 and what's shocking is that no one in the family know about this. One important fact that I want to stress here is the FIL is BEDRIDDEN DUE TO STROKE (2nd time). How can one do something freely when you're bedridden due to stroke?

How I know? This is coz my beloved grandma is also bedridden due to stroke and she can't talk, can't move freely coz part of her brain got stroke. If it's the right brain, ur left side will be affected , vice versa.

So, this whole converting stuff while the FIL is bedridden at home is unbelievable (X-files). I really want to know how her FIL get to change his MyKad details without the MIL know. . . and his other childrens knowing (bedridden how to walk?)

So, the funeral was halted and the police came to claim the body of her FIL until the Syariah court decide the case which according to Hsiau Chuen's SIL, they lost the case. So unbelievable but it's true.... Dunno what this hoo haa for coz FIL already dead, just let him go in peace. Why dun the eldest son go see his father for the last time & inform the mother & family nicely the whole story instead go report to police?

Weird.... I hope the truth will come out.... Meanwhile, condolences to Hsiau Chuen & her in-laws family.


Marilyn said...

Keep up the good work. Cheers:-)

jazzmint said...


hsiauchuen said...

Nothing much that we can do now as they have taken away my FIL's body. We can't even see him for the last time. We will tried to proceed with the court case and bring the justice not only for my FIL but for the next generation.

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

condolences to Hsiau Chuen & her in-laws family.