Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christmas Eve Walk

Backdated post

After the Christmas post, I only realised that I missed out the Christmas Eve part. So here's something really backdated :p

Our plan for Christmas Eve is to walk Orchard Road and (hopefully) to shop as well. There's no specific places to go in Orchard but to walk all the shopping malls available *Gerald almost fainted or so I think*. Uncle David dropped us there and the first stop was this very old mall that sells lots of digital gadgets (camera, mp3, pc, hp, ps2 etc). There I managed to get myself a cross pendant with a very small diamond (no grade type) from Taka coz the price is super cheap. As we walked, I saw the Sony camera pouch tat I wanted (sold out in KL), but we only buy on the way back & the price they give is slightly higher (*-*).

After that, we continue walking to Wisma Atria coz am meeting WJ for lunch. As we walked, there's this huge crowd circling the walkway near that area. Being d kepoh me, I went there & 8. Here's what attracts the crowd...

They are real people, not statue! Since it is Christmas, you can find many street performing artist at Orchard Road. What amazed me is their ability to not to move for a few minutes and stand there like a statue. If you dun realise it, you will actually think it is statue!

After kepoh, we continue mall hopping & managed to cover Takashimaya, Paragon & a few of dunno wat mall before stopping for a cup of tea & to rest our tired legs at Bakerzin.

(credits & details here)

My loots of the day -> A pair of GAP jeans & a GAP leather hobo bag *all on 30% discount*, a Sony camera pouch & a cross pendant (almost bought a white gold chain)

Gerald loots of the day -> none but fork out all the money to pay for my stuff :p


gerald said...

as long as you are happy. you really need to chill when you shop. pitts stops are a must. snacks and sipping tea... like that i can shop all day with you :p

jazzmint said...

wah so nice...hubby say can shop all day with u...mine huh...i better walk separately, if not before I step into the shop already asking if i'm ready to leave grr...

eh those statue, remember the one we saw in june oso the same haha

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

such a nice hubby and a lucky wife!!!!

not only accompany you shopping... pay for your loots and somemore agree to shop whole day....lucky,lucky,lucky you :)