Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chocolate Tong-Yuen for Mid-Winter Festival

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OoooOOooooo, I am so excited on the 22nd Dec 07. It is the day Gerald arriving KL for his home trip & also the Goh Dong festival. I have already planned to make the Chocolate Tong Yuen this year *been pestering my dad to prepare the dough instead of buying it from the market*. I did managed to wake up at 6.30am and thought of making it before picking Gerald so that when he reached home, he can have it. But the sleepy me instead telling my dad just to make the dough, kept it aside & I will make it during noon time *_* coz plenty of time after picking Gerald up (yeah, when I want to sleep, I can make all sort of excuses)

Nevertheless, when Gerald is napping during the noon, I started with making the Tong Yuen & busy snapping photos so that I can scrap it later (vy late coz I only managed to do it last nite *LOL*). I did took alot but I totally forgot to take the look of my hubby when he eat the Tong Yuen.

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Why chocolate instead of the usual black sesame, red bean or the 'Pin Tong' aka Raw Candy? This is because my dad did this for me during my wedding & I just loves it. Another reason is because my house is full of chocolates. Gerald been buying me chocolates every trip he come back & I stocked up alot during my trip to Langkawi *hehehe*. It's easier to get coz the 'Pin Tong' have to search in wet market & it's so hard to cut it into small pieces.

With the festive seasons coming, I must make sure I dun over eat. Else, I will really need to use the treadmills at office to burn some of the excess calories *LOL*


jazzmint said...

wah wah..1st time i hear choc tong yuen kekeke..must be yummy

exter said...

yes, its really very very yummy
i ate it before ....
the sweet soup add few piece of ginger to make it more ---delicious

david santos said...


Justice for NURIN JASLIN.

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

very creative...
i'm not a tong yuen fan but for the very first time i feel like i wanna eat that :)