Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vrooom......2008 F1 begins!

Today is race day and it keeps to tradiotion or more like F1 preference that the frts stop will be in Australia.... I can't wait to see the race but frankly speaking, I am loosing a lil touch of F1. Few factors such as no Astro and less time to update myself with F1 news.... (I used to surf the Interact in office for updates, but now, hardly touch it....)

Worse is, this year, RTM 1 is going to host it and my area reception for RTM1 is worst... all I see is snow... sigh.....

Ok, enuf rambling about it..... I will watch it, and read the news from the Formula1 official site.

Updates on pole position: Kimi not doing good , Hamilton first and Alonso.. ke ke ke... 11 but he's back with Renault... Heard tat BMW is doing vy well... so, this yr is going to be another exciting yr to see who wins the championship....

Oh, Shell has the Ferari model car to be purchased and I can't wait to get the entire collection of it (hopefully)

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