Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A lunch date with Valentine

*chor 8, Valentine day*

(credits & details here)

Since it is Valentine day, me & my colik (Emily) decided to go on a lunch date and asked San to tag along. It's such a special coz we are celebrating 'alone' , we want to have a 'special' lunch. So, instead of hawker centre, we went to this japanese restaurant, Xenri (recommended by Emily) at Old Klang road. It's quite easy to find coz it's just next to the Elken building. I just love the atmosphere in there, vy cozy yet classy. What I loved most is their bento set which is quite cheap & hugh, not ot mentioned vy Yummylicious... really a must to go if you have not been to.

I ordered a Bento set that consist of salmon sashimi, chicken teriyaki, cold soba, salmon salad, chawan mushi, miso soup & fruits. All these for RM 25 (cheap, right...) Showing below is what my colik ordered, which are also RM 25 per set.

Sushi tempura bento set ordered by Emily

Salmon with soft shell crab bento set ordered by San

And here's my lunch date ~ Emily. She is going to be my taman-mate soon *wink*

My other lunch date, San with Emily.

You can see the restaurant is vy nice from the background of the above photos. Too bad my concentration is at the food & forgot to snap some of the resturant photo. They even have a special room that can fit quite a number of people for small function.

Later that evening, I had a date with Jazzmint at Sweet Deli to celebrate her b'day and also Valentine day.


exter said...

seem delicious & cosy environment to hang out with friends,
but a little bit far for me...

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

indeed... look delicious. used to be a big fan of jap food...