Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Chinese Valentine Dinner

*Chor 15*

I know CNY is over for almost 1 month but being the 'busy' me, I only managed to scrap the Chor 15 LO today. Hence, the lateness of my CNY blog *pai seh*

(credits & details here)

Since it is the last day of CNY, we had another reunion dinner. This time, everyone managed to attend (only 6 people including my bro's gf & not forgetting lil Cheng Cheng). My dad managed to cooked us a delicious dinner even though he's working tat day & Wen Jye managed to buy the Salmon Yee Sang for us.

Since I'm working as well, I didn't do much on that night but to makan & watch movies while my dad, mum & lil bro have their usual 'games' at the new house (yeah, I overnite at the new house coz lazy to drive back to my place & I must say, the traffic is not tat bad in the morning ).

So, this ends the CNY activities except for the CNY decos in shopping malls that I have yet to scrap. I really hope I can finish it by March.

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