Friday, March 14, 2008

My dabble into wedding card

Some people like to have an elaborate wedding while some prefer to have a simple wedding. My colik prefered to have the 'Wedding on Holiday' just like those HK series .... no frill wedding, just a simple ROM at Thean Hou Temple and follow by a Hi Tea for her family & close friends.

So, where do I come in the picture *ke ke ke* well.... I am honored to help her to design a Wedding e-card for her ROM. Here's the 2 design that I made for her using the digital scrap kit that I have:-

(credits & details here)

(credits & details here)

It's really nothing fancy, just a simple ecard that send the message for her guests & I am really happy to be able to help coz I am so into wedding planning (^-^)

Tomolo are their big day, so.... Congratulations to Emily & Alfred.


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

you are so cool la cheryl. great work there!
Congrats to Alfred and Emily!

exter said...

really a lovely card...
well done