Monday, August 22, 2005

On the surgical table

Australia Hicom called on Fri, failed the interview ... sob sob... Was hoping to get the job so bad ler. Coz the pay is high, and the environment is good plus got leng chai mat salleh to see.

Anyway, today went to Pantai Hospital to check my eye. The recommended dr. not in, so ask around for a good one. Opposite Pantai opened a new eye specialist, price quite reasonable, place is good, doc also ok. So, went in and show the doc my eye infection. "Hmm, better use microscopic surgery coz the thing inside my eye too big wor... Can do it now at 2.30 pm " doc said. Wah, scarry ler... me kena bedah in the eye, with local anesthetic only. I can see and hear throughout the whole procedure.
So, doc use something to 'clamp' my eye so to stop bleeding while he operate. It's just like the Chinese drama 'Healing Hands', me wear the operation baju, put on cap and the doc cover half of my face with the green color paper clothe. When he take out the thing, they really chit chat re the thingy in my eye. Lucky it's only chalazion/ internal hordeolum not some other thingy. So. after I think 15 mins, it's finished. Me come out with one eye patched ... He he, one eye monster till night. And the whole procedure cost RM 200.

Internal hordeolum involving one of the meibomian glands is more severe and very rare. Pain, redness, and edema are more localized. Inspection of the conjunctival side of the lid shows a small elevation or yellow area at the site of the affected gland. Later, an abscess forms, pointing on the conjunctival side of the lid; it sometimes points through the skin. Spontaneous rupture is rare, and recurrence is common.An internal hordeolum is deeper and can be seen through the conjunctiva

So, I watched Jewel in the Palace with one eye. After that, fetch Gerald's niece to overnite at our place coz school holiday started. Sunday bring them to Leisure Mall to shop. Their own $$ to buy their 'collections' of cartoons

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jazzmint said...

wow...i hope your eyes now OK liao..looks scary lah the pic..good that you have get rid of that unwanted thing in the eyes :)