Sunday, August 07, 2005

Final day before new beginnings

Time flies .... It's been 2 months after our wedding on 7/6/05 in KK and finally Gerald found a job. It's in Kajang, so it's near our house, about 15 mins drive if no jam. Happy for him but that means no more weekday window shopping ..... and less time to see him.

It also means that he will not be going back to his sis house to eat. Well, initially we plan to cook at home but since I'll be going back to my mon's place when he goes to work, so, it's a little bit hard. (Our housing area not safe yet to stay, lot's of thieves)

As for me, I've applied the job that Vi recomend, praying hard to get that job. Meanwhile, I've got a job also. Working as account clerk plus admin for my Perh Li's aunts. in Pnadan Indah. The work time is quite good. Mon - Fri is 9am to 5pm, Sat is 9am to 1pm, 1st & 3rd Sat off.

Will start work on the 15/8/05. So, I am Njoying the last few freedom .....

Nothing much to do today except watch Jewel in the palace after coming back from church. Talking about church, well, my pastor might be voted as the next Bishop of Lutheran Church in Malaysia. A bit sad coz he's really good and his preaching is vy interesting also.....

Anyway, tomolo is a new start of life for Gerald. As for me, i'll be hanging with Sin Pei & Eugene. Need to pass them my wedding CD to bring to singapore.

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