Sunday, August 14, 2005

All wells, ends wells?

Finally, it rained in KL. Was heading to Jusco Maluri to do some grocery shopping after Hi-Tea at The MINES Beach Resort. The Hi-Tea was a dissapointment. How can it be Hi-Tea when there's no dessert served and their cheese cake and ice kacang tasted sour ... YUKE!!

On d way to Jusco, wow, big, dark clouds hanging above Cheras n KL. Sure it will rain cat & dogs. Anyway, me & Gerald was doing some grocery shopping and I asked him if he needs to buy Ramli beef patties. He answered no coz I m going to work soon. I replied him "What if I got the Australia Hicom job? I'll start in Sept" After I said this, he gave me the cold shrug all the way back till now.

I felt it, coz I asked him a lot of things and he's not in a good mood.Confronted him and he told me that if I dun start work now, I m not going to work forever...
did he really hear what I say? How can he say that? I told him I m going to work in Sept coz the job start in Sept.And if I got the Aus Hicom job, i m not taking the offer from Pearly's aunt which start on Thurs.

He's not listening to wat I say. And I found tat most of the time I talk to him, he did not listen all but bit & pieces.

And that's a Sunday for me, started well, ends bad.

And I m staying over at my mom's place coz I dun want to ask him send me home early morning when he goes to work. I know he dun like it. I dunno wat's wrong with it.

And one more thing, everytime I say I wanted to drink soup and want to buy the ingredients, ie: A1 chicken soup $4.40, he gave me the face = why tat expensive. Without it can die? Why must I always cook things that he like ie: meats all the time

Why can't he adapt a bit to my likings of food? I already undur so many steps and he dun feel it.... I m so fed up with this... Always he gave me the down mood, angry mood & short temper.

Sigh.... am I to blame for not working? I m just looking for the right job. It's me... why must he be like tat? All I m hoping is to get the Aus Hicom job & the interview is on Wed (He knows it & wanted me to get it. He knows tat it starts in Sept) & yet he say i dun want to work.

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jazzmint said...

hey dear...don't be so sad over that, guys are sometimes like just talk to them about your concerns. I guess he's also worried that he's the only source of income for the family at the moment. Didn't know you started a blog thou :P.