Sunday, August 28, 2005

Makan makan

Yesterday was my birthday, no suprise or present from hubby... Sigh, he not romantic at all. Ended up eat at Madam Kwan coz didn't make reservation @ Renaissance. Well, at least it's better than nothing. We drove all the way to Midvalley to have dinner :D and we postponed it to 31/8/05 for my buffet lunch at Vogue.

Today had a lunch date with Bee Li, Shu Kuan, Sheau Fwu, Hong Eng and Fai Mei @ Grappa, Bangsar to celebrate Shu Kuan & my b'day in Aug. The food is superb but the dessert is not up to our standard. Alexis tiramisu cake is still the best.

Nite time, went out dinner with family, Gerald's treat to my family coz he found a job and also coz my father's b'day la. Wanted to eat Korean food but the shop didn't open. Ended up eating Japanese food @ Ozeki. I m still too full to order my meal, so I just nibble and hijack other people's food.

After that, rush home watch Jewel In the Palace last episode.

What a weekend!! Just dedicated to satisfy my stomach.

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