Thursday, August 25, 2005

Exams @ SJI

Today went back to St. John for SPA exams (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam). The exams starts at 9am ends at 4pm, whew!! so long... whole day in the school. Morning had breakfast in Petaling Street, had fish poridge with Gerald. Then only go to school. Had a walk around the school compound, went to see my old class, the Lower 6Sc3 and Upper 6Sc3. Seems tat they changed the ground floor for the Vision Impaired student. Other than tat, nothing much changed. They are giving it a new coat of paint and for once, I went into the boys' toilet!! (Well, tat day, they changed it to girls' toilet)

Had to sit 5 papers. The first 2 papers are easy. The 3rd is a bit hard. If u sit the Pengetahuan Am paper, u will know wat I'm talking about. It's the same, politics, general knowledge, world news thingy. A lot I m not sure coz didn't pay attention much to local authority and courts.

4th paper is Maths, 45 questions in 40 mins, no calculator allowed. Didn't finsihed it, i think I manage to answer more than 20. Last paper is easy, Eng & BM. Finished it before time and cabut lari.

Took a bus home. Been ages since the last ride and it sucks. The smell of CO and the bus vibrate like going to drop any moment. Sigh, dun they service their busses? I rather take the KTM or LRT and wait for my hubby or bro to fetch me than take the bus. And they incresed the fare from RM2 to RM 2.50.

That's my day, wish it's a school day so I can meet up some teacher and have a peek in the library.

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