Friday, November 16, 2007

My very own Dim Sum Chef

It's Friday and it's weekend for Gerald. Let me help him to blog about his new found hobby here...
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Dim Sum making, my hubby's new found hobby in Doha. He was left with no entertainment (tv spoilt & internet connection is on & off - thanks to the Bandwidth Hoggers), so he found a way to entertain himself and killing time during his weekend by cooking. Cooking has always been in his blood but I never thought of him making dim sum from scratch *coz you can't get the skin there, so, he uses flour to make the skin*
Let me treat you guys to some homemade siew mai here :p

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jazzmint said...

wah can book this chef for my finger food party

gerald said...

Thanks for the kind words. But need to work on the taste. Something I haven’t mastered. My mates, God bless them, tried my first batch of siew mai… well, I let it to your imaginations. Wish they were a little less discreet. Then I would have know what to improve on.