Thursday, November 22, 2007

KL Live & Loud Concert 07

I heard about this concert on MY FM and never knew it is such a big event until my colleague asked me if I am interested in going. Then only I go search about it and whoa.... it's a 10 consecutive days event and the ticket is so expensive!! But then, having a look at the performing artists, it's really great, especially the Chinesse All Star Concert this coming Sunday.

You get to see • Zhang Hui Mei (A-Mei) 张惠妹 • Michael Wong 光良 • Fish Leong 梁静茹 • Victor Wong 品冠 • Andrew Tan 陈势安 • Zhang Zhen Yue 张震岳 • Claire Kuo 郭静 • Vincy Chan 泳儿 • Kenny Kwan 关智斌 • Thor Luk •Jerry Ooi • Huang Qi Shan • Winson Voon.

And that got my little heart interested in going.... and then she told me the good news! It's free if I am interested to go. Sure I am.... who wouldn't, right? And I am interested in going to the Turn on the Pop Concert on 1/12/07 but I will be away for my company Treasure Hunt.

So, is there anyone else going to the KL Live & Loud Concert 07?


jazzmint said...

aiyer wish i could join..alot famous star, make sure take pics

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

wow...looks like a big event.

do enjoy yourself and tell us all about it :)