Friday, November 23, 2007

Dreaming of Cupcakes

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I think I am addicted to cupcakes already. It has been in my mind since my first bite of it way back in August (my birthday cake). Then I ordered 1 box to take back to KK and another box for Gerald to bring back to Doha. My last order was back in Sept for my company Sept Birthday bash (yet to be posted). My fav is the belgian chocolate cupcakes.... Yum Yum...

But then again, I got addicted to it when Jazz show me this lovely cupcake photo in the internet and it really look so yummy. So, what I did to satisfy my hunger is to do a LO of it so that I can see it when I want *The lovely cupcakes above was by Cupcake Momma in SG*. And finally I got to taste her cupcake in Nov coz of Cairo's birthday * I wallop 4 regular cupcake, 4 mini cupcake *. If I don't mind to carry some small hand luggage, I would have tapau 1 box home from Cairo's party.

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