Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When time is not enuf

The month of December comes and goes by very fast. I am not sure if it's just me or everyone does feel the time is not enough for this month. I goes to work and finished work in just a blink of time and then it's one week and then another... Now it is already nearing Christmas (No time to do my paid post as well).

I still remember buying the christmas cards early of the month and wanted to set them up but up until today, it's still sitting at the corner of my house. The only early stuff that I managed to do is hanging the wreath at my front door and that was doing it in November (just in case I have no time in December, & pheww.... lucky I did that.... else, it will sit somewhere in the house as well)

Only yesterday did I manage to set up the christmas tree (half way, still missing the lights) & that also thanks to my dad & mom to bring the tree out from the store. Tonight I must go back and complete the decoration and light the tree up... After that, I need to clean the messy table, clean to sofa, move all the junks back to where it belongs before Gerald is back this Sat & he surely will nag me for that (for I am a very lazy person).

This Thursday will do all the remaining stuff & also to meet up with Kwai Fun.... wah... really lots to do but so little time (that exclude work stuff).... I haven't even mall hopping finish to see all the beautiful Christmas decoration this year..... Sigh.... I hope they will still be up till new year coz I won't be around this Christmas...


jazzmint said...

i hear u, i simply wish that there are 36 hours in a day!!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

since we are on this topic... i'm sweating already thinking about all the things that needs to be done.


Kelly said...

Yah! 24 hours a day is just not enuff! how i wish i could sleep lesser. Unfortunately I can't, else I will not b in the right mode for everyhting!