Monday, December 31, 2007

A busy day to end 2007

We're back and it's the last day of 2007 and when I ponder upon what I did for this last week of 2007, I can't remember it well. All I know is that the time just flies. One moment we were in Singapore for Christmas and the next, it's already last day of 2007.

We did manage to go down to Pavillion to snap some photos (planned to upload some but I can't find my cable :S ), go to Low Yatt to shop for gadgets and yesterday, managed to go to Ikea to survey the list of furnitures to add to the small-room-turn-into-walk-in-wardrobe. Plenty to fit into my lil wira tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Later today we got year end party (Jazzmint, WJ and a few school frens) at Aud's place. It's going to be a mellow party, just some time chatting and eating yummy food cooked by Aud's mum and also Kepong crab.

So, Happy New Year to all and also to myself. May the year ahead be a prosperous 1 exp to us.


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

Happy New Year 2008!
Wishing you happiness and lots of love.

jazzmint said...

happy new year....and thx for coming over early to help up yesterday :)...and photos mana kekeke