Friday, December 21, 2007

Ouch *_* massages are welcome!!

Time is really not enuf and I am stealling some lunch time today to blog. Yes, I am still working and the office are quite empty. Infact, I on my Christmas Songs now to light up the mood in the office (my corner only 4 people working)

I am trying to tidy up the house before Gerald arrive tomorrow morning & at the same time, going to malls to shop for presents to bring to Singapore for his cousin's daughter & son. So, what I did yesterday was mad dash here n there. Managed to get 2 presents, few more to get by today and I didn't manage to clean the house :S (Sure kena nag tomolo). Then tomolo got wedding dinner at Sekinchan at 5pm. Can you believe it? It's 'goh tong' tomorrow but now tak jadi to have dinner with family but must have the tong yuen nevertheless! The yummy chocolate tong yuen by my dad (He did this for my pre wedding dinner & everyone loves it)

So, I thought that year end is going to be leisure days for me but then again, it's not. Preparing for Christmas + Financial Year End (work) + Gerald coming back = busy + aching upper back for me. Maybe I should get my exercise routine back on track (
exercise equipment are provided in office, must really make myself to use it next year) .

Anyway, I managed to set up the Christmas tree (finally!!) at the lil corner of the living room but a few piece of decos are still MIA (must wait for Gerald to come back & look for it coz he bought it from Doha last yr). So, here's the lighted up Christmas tree :

Our lil christams tree is finally lighted up and decorated.


Kelly said...

Great Christmas tree! tired deco it then tired pula need to keep it back for next year! Work work work! never ending story!

exter said...

merry christmas to u may god bless u & family healthy always

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

wishing you and hubby a MeRRy ChrIstmas and a HAPPY new YEAR!