Friday, September 07, 2007

Mini Trip 3 : Cameron Highland

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It's been years since our last trip to this highland and we love the weather so much and the away from city air. Since Gerald is back and the Brinchang pent-house is available for use, I planned this short family trip to Cameron Highland. I extend the invites to Tina & the brats (Rachel, Annabelle & Joshua) *Gerald's sis family* since the kids love the highland as well.

1st Day:

We leave KL around 9am and head toward the North South Highway towards the new road up the hill (was told that it's wider & easier than the old road) but I dun feel like using that road again. Maybe because the Wira is so under power when climbing up the hill. It feels like a tortoise man ...... & since I am an impatient person on the road, I practically grumble all the way till I reach Brinchang. By then, we were all starved and head to Tanah Rata for lunch and check into the pent-house at Brinchang.

Since it's cold (coz raining), we decided to have steamboat at Tringkap where we found this restaurant that serve good & reasonable priced steamboat from our last visit. All we need is just call them and order in advance. It's such a yummy & warm dinner (^-^). After a heavy dinner, the best things to do is walk the night market and buy somemore food as supper *LOL*.

Here's the must try food:

2nd Day:

The next morning, I go for the hunt of the yummylicious fried pumpkin balls while the rest just enjoy the bargains for veges, fruits & dried products from Cameron. After the morning session (no breakfast), we packed our bags & check out from the hotel. It was raining zoo then & cold but we must leave the place before 1pm, else, the road will be heavy with traffic :( So, we berave the rain & made our way to Tanah Rata for quick lunch before going down the hill. The journey down the hill was fast & we reach KL in no time.

Attractions in Cameron Highland:

  1. Strawberry Farm : There're too many farm to choose to go & buy the fresh strawberry, strawberry jam & dried strawberry in honey (new additions).
  2. Cactus Valley : It's just located opposite our place (Star Regency) but we never go there. Instead, we went up towards Tringkap to see the cactus for sale :p
  3. Night Market : It's just below our place as well & I love to walk this night market. I can get alot of food to eat & a good place to shop for fresh veges & fruits. I managed to bought the strawberry jams & some fried vege for supper.
  4. Bees & Butterflies Farm : Bee Farm is free entrance and a good place to visit if you're interested in looking at the busy bees & buying the bees products. Butterfly Farm is almost the same as those in KL, so, we skipped that this round.
  5. Pasar : There're a few market that sells fresh veges, fruits & flowers along the Brinchang - Tringkap road. All you need is to lookout for the stalls in your left & right.

Here's some photos from Cameron Highland:

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mom2ashley said...

it;s also been years since I last went to cameron highlands too!