Tuesday, September 18, 2007

'Modelling' in Coffee Bean KK

Gerald has been back for 1 week and we didn't manage to take any photos or go out dating while in KL (coz I work till Fri). So, I suggest to go Coffee Bean (Damai area) tonite for some US time and thank god that I brought my camera along. We got this cozy sofa corner with a display cabinet that is great as base for my camera for photo snapping. I went crazy snapping at every single corner available *LOL* and when I checked on the camera, I snapped more than 60 photos in just 1 hour .... vy 'tai sau wok' until Gerald got the blind spot ..... & I bet all the people around us thought this lady is crazy coz take photo like there's no tomolo :p

Tomolo I plan to go Sutera Harbour or some nice place to take more photos before we leave KK on Thursday evening. Hope the weather permits & also time permits. We still have alot of stuff to buy back to KL & Doha and not to forget my pedicure session as well .... some pampering while in KK (^-^)

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jazzmint said...

wah mana picture keke...