Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Company Treasure Hunt

I feel lucky when joined the new company. Within 3 months, I attended the Zone meeting cum Gala Dinner in October and in Dec, my company is having a treasure hunt. The best part is, it is at Langkawi. Yup, everything is included, food, transportation & hotel. But it's just a 2 days 1 night trip. All I have to pay is RM75.

We depart on 1-12-06 nite from BAT by coach and reached the jetty in the morning on 2-12-06. The hunt started at 9.30am and finished at 3pm. We are divided into team of 4 and my team is Team 6. We have to drive all over the island to look for clues and hte best part is, they are doing the Amazing race style. So, we got stuck at Oriental Village looking for clues and answer. But we manage to finish it by around 2pm. We didn't win anything but I m lucky to get a lucky draw prize (MP3 headphone).

After that, I checked into the hotel room (Holiday Villa) with my room mate, Poh Lin and we went out at 4pm to Kuah town with Mei Yin, Wai Teng, Gajana to get some souveniers. As for me, my goal is to buy chocolates. Lots & lots of dark chocolates.

Later that nite, we had dinner. It was tiring and both of us slept around 11pm. We have to check out at 10am & depart to the jetty (another round of shopping).

It's a bit rush, but I had a great time there. Planning to go with Gerald in June for our long awaited honeymoon cum 2nd yr anniversary.

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cairo's mommy said...

wah seh, long long long time no action, suddenly so many posts!!! nearly missed hahaha.

btw, i love the way u scrap. then again, u've always been artistic since we were kids :p