Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ashley Voo - The Flower Girl

Year 2005 : My very own wedding with Gerald
Year 2004 : Gerald's 2nd brother, Ah Khen's wedding

Year 2002 : Stella's wedding (Gerald's cousin sis)

There's nothing much to update on myself, so I decided to blog about Gerald's big brother's daughter - Ashley Voo. At just 9 years old, she had been flower girls for many times. And out of these, I was present at the 3 weddings....

The very first time I met her was in Dec, 2002. The first time I follow Gerald back to his hometown, Kota Kinabalu to attend his late grandmother's 100th birthday. So happen that his cousin, Stella's wedding was on 27.12.02 and Ashley is the flower girl.

The 2nd time is Gerald's 2nd brother's wedding on 25.08.04. I went back to KK with my parent as well..... Meeting the in-laws for the 1st time to discuss our wedding.

The 3rd time is my own wedding ceremony. Since Ashley had been flower girl for so many times, I've booked her in advane.... he he, she was very eager to be my flower girl. So, I bought the flower girl dress for her. Since my theme for the wedding is green, I hunt for the green color dress. Finally found it at the Flower Girl shop in 1U. She look lovely and cute in the dress....

Well, you must be wondering if she enjoys being flower girl. I can say 100% she enjoyed it. She is very interested in beautify herself.... She loves pretty clothes and being dolled up as well. So, I always buy clothes for her whenever I can.

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