Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2 bad news in 1 day

Today is really not my day. As I am writting this, I am on the verge of crying for 2nd round.

1st Bad News
No internet access from yesterday onward for Gerald in the office. That means, no chatting with Gerald via Yahoo, MSN or Skype. When I got this news, I still ok with it. At least he is coming back to KL during CNY for 14days and get a laptop (coz he got internet access @ apartment)

2nd Bad News
Got this in the evening. Gerald emailed me, telling me that the company cut the Home Leave from 14days (start on the departure date) to 10days. 10 days is only 9 days and 8 night for me to be with him due to time differences, Doha back to KL will loose 1 day. By the time I read the memo, I started to sob quietly as I can't let my parents know about this.

He has been there since October 2006 and delayed his Home Leave for Chinese New Year. But now, I feel so sad. Why the company is so bad. Sigh....

The only thing I can do is, blog it out , at least I feel better. Blogging it here just like telling my closest friend and feels like she is listening.

The memo content is as below (copy it out):


Dear All,

Chinese New Year falls on the 18th Feb 07. With the advent of the work progress moving into high gear, it's imperative that we maintain the momentum throoughout this holiday season.

We too empathize (bullshit) that most of us would want to soend quality time with their family back home esp it being an auspicious period however, it's also important tat our commitment towards our client is not compromised.

In this aspect the management are left with no other option but to limit this leave period during this time to only 10days (why they dun limit the leave during the raya? so unfair to the chinese). Although it is a difficult decision but we believe this is the right option to ensure that both personal and professional responsibility is not compromised or jeopardized.

We urge everyone to re-plan their leaves for this CNY to suit the work exigencies as well as your personal requirements to maintain a harmonious balance between the two.

We believe tat full cooperation will be extended to us.(kena con to work with this company)

I am sure some of you will think, 10 days is better than none. But to me, I rather not have 10days at all. To see 9days and 8 nights and separate again is worst than to not see until come back for good. The feeling of meeting and separate again is too much to bear.

Maybe for those really strong will ladies, they can. As for me, I can't.

All I can do now is wait and hope for the best when his manager come back from Home Leave. Until then, I will not have any good night sleep and definately not looking forward to the Chinese New Year. Bad luck seems to follow me since 2005.

I already lost my beloved grandfather, for the 2007 Chinese New Year & now, Gerald's absence .....


jazzmint said...

aiyoo..that's bad news lehh..why so double std one

Cheryl Leong said...

Yalor, big company also so kiam siap on leave. Sigh, so sad and fan about this matter.