Friday, February 02, 2007

Emotional, Am I or Am I Not?

Chinese New Year is near but I am not feeling eager about it. Gerald is coming back soon, yet I don't anticipate it at all. His 14 days Home Leave has been rejected by teh Project Director. Maximum day the PD give him is 12days. When he told me that a few days ago, I'm ok with it. But today, I felt the sadness. I can't let him know that while I am chatting with him, I'm crying at the same time now. I guess I am more emotional when I am near my mensess time.

I will see him on 16/2 at 1pm. We will fly back to KK on 17/2, 9am flight and will only be back in KL on 25/2 midnight. And he will fly back to Doha on 27/2 midnight.

I won't have time to be with him at our house. And next Chinese New Year, he won't be allowed to come back coz he is coming this year.

I can't even let my parents know that I am crying now.... Why GOD have to let me suffer like this?

And all I can do is to write at my own blog.

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