Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The lost of a my dear grandpa

Dear all,

Thank you for the comforting words & sms during the past weeks. It's hard to accept the pass away of my beloved grandfather coz I m vy close to him.

Everything has been settled , now back to normal routine, work, kena bully in office n work lar..... But still miss him when I am alone.....

The funeral was fully taoist ceremony but we only have it for 1 night. 2nd day is the funeral, cremate at Cheras crematorium then on the 3rd day, collect the ash & bones , then put it at Nirvana Memorial in Semenyih. Since the age of my grandpa reached 91, it was consider a happy funeral. And we can hang up the red lantern if he has great grand children..... (hmm, tat is me lor, dun want to have baby 1st)

Yesterday was the 7th day since he passed away, hence the 'spirit come back night. We all went back to my uncle's place n stay thre in the room from 7pm till 11.30pm. Coz cannot have more 'yang' chi downstair , scared the horse face cow's head won't come in with my grandfather. Nothing scary about all this things coz it's my own grandpa, n he loved us so much, n we also love him alot.

Still got alot of stuff to take care and will let u all know when I am back to normal activity. I am not in 'mourning' category coz no need but cannot wear pure bright red, green n yellow. Dunno why but I think this is coz of the day of his death kwa.....

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jazzmint said...

hey girl, take care n be strong.