Friday, June 06, 2008

here in MY home

After such a commotion on the fuel price, I think we should focus on something better, so, decided to post this up to share with all my frens out there.

A few weeks back, I heard this lovely & unique song sang by the Malaysian Artistes aired tru MY FM. I wanted it badly but it never occured to my mind to search tru the internet for it until today.

Why I say it's UNIQUE? This is coz it the 1st time I heard 4 language -English, Mandarin, Bahasa & Tamil (though only juz the rap part) in 1 song and it juz sounded so right. I dunno why I love it so much but I can say it's a really rare occasion to hear so many artist sang 1 song. I hope you enjoy this as well.

If you love this song, you can download it at the Malaysian Artistes for UNITY

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