Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mini Trip 2 : Penang Food Heaven

This is the Gastronomical Discovery during our Penang Trip back in June. We have sampled too many good food in just 2 days & 1 night until I need to separate the food from the sight seeing post :p

1st proper lunch : Asam Laksa at Kek Lok Si pasar area

Why I say proper? Coz the asam laksa that I ordered at some stall as lunch (also near Kek Lok Si) doesn't taste nice, so, I went back to the old stall that my friend brought me to. This Asam Laksa just satisfy my taste bud like it always does. The soup is just the right balance of sour, sweet & hot filled with the fish flakes and the 'Lai Fun" mee *Yummy*.

1st dinner : Baked Crab & Prawns at Tangjung Tokong
We met up with Catriena (my ex-colik) at our hotel and she ferry us to this place that serve the most tasty baked crab I ever eaten (though Gerald say they never clean the crab of it's organ). The prawn is so fresh and it's just nice to eat it without any sauce dipped.

2nd dinner : Lok-lok @ Pulau Tikus
What else is better to do than feast in Penang. We were brought to have another dinner session at Pulau Tikus for this Lok-Lok. It's actually steamboat that we can get in KL but they serve it in a table instead in a van where u need to stand & eat. There're a variety of food you can choose from (meat - vege) and Gerald just eat his heart out *LOL*. When we call for the bill, wow, it's not expensive at all (at least compare to KL price)

After that, I wanted some desert and what's better than the "Ang Tau Bing" - Ice Kacang (shaved ice served with cream corn, red beans, grass jelly). I was very full but Gerald's stomach still have space (so he thought) for popiah & char kuey teow (they use charcoal to fried, which is very tasty) and that's the last food hunting before we made our way to Gurney Drive. We just walk around coz Gerald has not been there before but heard about it alot. I have warned him of the 'cut throat' & not nice food that is specially target for tourist (I am not a supporter for Gurney Drive).

We agreed to adventure out of the hotel for breakfast where we were armed with a piece of paper noted with the street name to go for breakfast (given by Cat) and hope for the best. Which is not bad coz we manage to find the dim sum restaurant that served the best char siew bun (long time no eat). After that, we went for the morning market that sells a variety of goods (very nice to walk & good place to get exotic ingredients such as crystal chicken feet, jelly fish, sea cucumber, meat crab & many more). Definately a good place to shop for food.

Next, we continue our adventure in hunting for the best chendol in town (Gerald's fav), which is just a few street down. This was recommended by the driver & Puah Chu Kang even came here for it. The chendol is superbly delicious and Gerald even go for his 2nd bowl & nearly the 3rd if I dun get hold of him. Look at how happy & satisfied he is at the below scrap. Another chendol moment for him (^-^)

Last but not least, we managed to tapau another charcoal fried kuey teow for lunch (before we depart Penang) and this was another recomendation from the taxi driver. I must say that though they charged us not by meter but they are very helpful in detouring to help us get what we want to eat (you must asked them on this).

So, that's our little adventure in Penang. Though we spend quite alot on the transport in getting around Penang but it's really an adventure for us. Good memories as well coz we ate all we can & it's the best food in Penang.

Note : Since it's a short trip, we just bring our
Samsonite luggage bag.

Here's some photo that we took on the adventure we had:

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